Elijah Allen Groom

Pause On Angels Wings by Charles D. Denler
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Message from the Family

Please feel free to share any thoughts, feelings and memories you may have for Eli, his life, or his family. With Love and Respect

Elijah Allen Groom Obituary

Dear Elijah, you will always be in my heart. sometimes i imagine you walking around the house and slapping my brother on the head for no reason. But still, when i hear the name Eli i think of you. Even though in my head i don't remember seeing you to remember your face... I WILL ALWAYS I MEAN ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!!!

Posted by: Ashley O'Brien - Vancouver, WA - Sister   Nov 17, 2012

Samantha...Every loss in life leaves an indescribable feeling...it comes as a shock...resonates...and eventually helps us derive a new perspective...please remember as you journey through life, that death is one of the most influential parts of the journey...and you are only stronger for every brush with death you incur... I created this site to remind us of that...all that are touched by such sadness..I truly hope you take the realization of loss and make it your own...make it an experience worth

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Posted by: Angela O'Brien - vancouver, WA - mommy   Nov 09, 2012

Elijah was my best friend in Kindergarten...I saw him in a yearbook picture this morning,so I decided to look him up. I'm so sorry I had no idea. Elijah was the kind of person who gave this world a fighting chance to be better than it was.The world will be at loss without him.

Posted by: Samantha M. - Vacaville, CA - Old Best Friends   Nov 08, 2012

I was thinking of you tonight. It always seems just when things are getting the toughest, we remember you. Ashley is so upset that we never had the proper burial we should have had with you. She questions why..why did Poppy get so much attention and her own brother did not? I can only explain to a certain extent...final thought is we miss you and you are loved and never forgotten. We miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much honey!

Posted by: Angela O'Brien - Vancouver, WA - mother   Oct 02, 2012
My favorite photograph of Eli running down the Beach at Goat Rock, Sonoma Coast, Ca. My tattoo now

Today was a special day. With a lot of help and support, we are amending Eli's Death Certificate, to reflect my name in the "Mother" section of the document, as it should be. This means more than anything today, and I can't express what this really means to me. I am sure that Brandy was an amazing mother to Eli while they kept him from me, but the point is, she only honored herself with that role because she aided

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Posted by: Angela O'Brien - Vancouver, WA - mother   Aug 13, 2012

To Elijah- I think about you every day, and I miss you every day, but today was a bit harder than most. I am away from Michael and Ashley right now, at a military training event, and I really really miss them. It is the first time we have been apart this long since we have all been back together. As I let the feelings of separation just be felt it reminds me of when we first were apart, a

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Posted by: Angela O'Brien - Vancouver, WA - mother   Jul 20, 2012

Not a single night goes by that i don't think about you bud. I am so thankful to have known you and have you as my closest friend. You were a brother to me, and the pain of losing that was unbearable. Even though you are not here anymore, i can still feel our friendship and the bond we had. Words alone can not describe how incredible of a person you were. You have inspired me to strive to be

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Posted by: Chris - woodland - close friend   Jun 30, 2012

I am thankful to have met you, but wish I could have known you. I will always remember the day I found out I was an auntie for the first time.

Posted by: Amanda Wanker - Spokane, WA - Aunt   Jun 26, 2012

Although I never met you in person, I was at your baby shower. You were surrounded with love, and by many caring people. My wish for you is that you feel how much you are loved and missed everyday by your family. I hope you are at peace in heaven with many angels around you.

Posted by: Maria Lopez - Santa Rosa, CA - Friend of Mother   Jun 24, 2012

As soon as the little guy could stand he was already on my skateboard. You know how babies pull themselves up and bounce in place...lol.. same body movement as an ollie. He could ollie before he could walk. I haven't thought about that in sooooooo long.

Posted by: Angela O'Brien    Jun 21, 2012