Steve Atchley

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Miss you Stevie. I think I am the only person that called him Stevie. He couldn't just change his name because he grew up and got all cool and stuff. That is what I told him and I always called him Stevie. He was my Stevie and I miss him terribly. Can't believe it's been this long since you left us. Still hurts the same on some days. I really miss you.

Posted by: Tammy - sister   Mar 13, 2014

This is Lynn brother I'm in disbelief... We had fun as kids and cards lol playing pool listioning to oldies,building forts.Tammy Frosty I'm so sorry I love you guys and I loved him he always had my back.I miss you and from time to time will tale our wild child hood you broter

Posted by: Charles Roberts - Knoxville Tennessee, TN - brother   Feb 04, 2014

It's true you really are gone. I cant believe it. I never knew there was pain that could hurt so bad. The pain is so deep I feel like I cant breathe at times. Other times I just dont believe it's true. There is no way in this world that you could be gone for forever. I miss you so bad. I would give anything in this entire world just to see you, hug you and tell you I love

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Posted by: Tammy - sister   Mar 13, 2013

You and I have had our ups & downs through the years, but looseing you so young was a big surprise. Wanted you to know you would be so proud of your son.We have talked over the years and he loved you very much.He has your good heart and is always hepling others. You will be missed by many as you were loved by many as well. Your legacy will live on through your children and the ones you have

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Posted by: Kathy Miller - Knoxville, TN - Ex- Mother-In-Law   Mar 03, 2013

Love u dad u were a great man may unr.i.p u were always there for me and would have always been everyone loves n misses u... Especially me !!!!

Posted by: Kaylee atchley - Knoxville, TN - Daughter   Feb 18, 2013

Missing u. The pain u leave me with is unbearable. I can't believe u are gone. I can never see that smile again. It seems unfair for God to take u. Back to work today and life just goes on and it breaks my heart. People are talking and caring on and all I see is your faceand think I will never again get to talks to u, laugh w u, fuss at u, help u, or justvsee u. My heart hurts. I'm not sure it will ever stop.

Posted by: sister Tammy - powell, TN - sister   Feb 12, 2013

i love you dad may you R.I.P
this man was a good dad and a good person to evryone unless you messed with his family or friends another one gone to young but may him and big tony R.I.P together in heaven.

Posted by: steven - Knoxville, TN - son   Feb 11, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.I loved Stevie so much. We were so close growing up. He took care of me. He loved people and was a little social butterfly. Everyone I know loved him and I have heard stories of how he has helped people thru times in their life. He was proud of his sister but if I could tell him one last thing it would be that I was proud of him for just being him and loving life and people.

Posted by: sister Tammy - powell, TN - sister   Feb 09, 2013

he was a good friend and good darter he will be missed very much. my condolences.

Posted by: Jason "shaggy" Kitts - knoxville, TN - friend and dart partner   Feb 09, 2013 were such a special person who will be missed by were not perfect nor are any of us but you were Special!!! No one could ever say you were not giving and loving.....I am glad you are above to watch over many who will miss you terribly but you are in a better place and God has a plan for all of us it's just that sometimes it's not understood "why so young" but it is for the greater good for you and all of us......RIP......Tracy

Posted by: Tracy Grose - Knoxville, TN - friend   Feb 09, 2013